My practice aims to communicate the sublime journey of being human in all things, places and times. I shape and combine moving images, words, and sound, to explore the journey of the self, overcome trauma and doubt, and find intrinsic wholeness. My work is autobiographical but because of my themes, hopefully universal too. My goal is to make art out of my mystical visions. 

MFA PROJECTS (2017-present) yep I’m doing an Masters of Fine Arts and here is what is so far

LETTERS FROM MY FUTURE SELF (2017-Present) exactly what you think

GO TEAM LIGHT (2014-Present) it’s all Love trying to figure out that it’s all Love

Just For You And Then Me (2003-Present) are videos that I was paid or asked to do

Just For Me And Then You (2003-Present) are videos that I was not paid or asked to do

SHOW (2009) is a more than just one time show done how I wish all shows were

Vlog (2008-2009) videos are short, sweet, and sometimes sad video sketches as opposed to those made from pencil and paper

S.I.A.M.F.F. (2006) ‘show it at my fucking funeral’ was my thesis project at queen’s university, that being to make the video I would show at my (fucking) funeral wherein I would make a video a day ‘until I died’, I allowed myself one hour a day to create each video including pre and post production

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