I want to show you how beautiful I see you to be.

I don’t want to know what any of it means except that everything changes in the way that makes me Love the most.

Videography rates are $40/h. Contact for more information.

GO TEAM LIGHT (2014-Present): it’s all Love trying to figure out that it’s all Love.

Just For You And Then Me (2003-Present) are videos that I was paid or asked to do.

Just For Me And Then You (2003-Present) are videos that I was not paid or asked to do.

SHOW (2009) is a more than just one time show done how I wish all shows were.

Vlog (2008-2009) videos are short, sweet, and sometimes sad video sketches as opposed to those made from pencil and paper.

S.I.A.M.F.F. (2006) ‘show it at my fucking funeral’ was my thesis project at Queen’s University, that being to make the video I would show at my (fucking) funeral wherein I would make a video a day ‘until I died’. I allowed myself one hour a day to create each video including pre and post production.

For inquires please contact

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