Vlog (2008-2009) videos are short, sweet, and sometimes sad video sketches as opposed to those made from pencil and paper

Click on the pictures to watch the videos!

Get: I want to be an artist. 2009

Pair: Why did you have to die? Everything’s unraveling since you’re gone. It feels that way. I miss you so fucking much. No it kept me from ever knowing you, like as much as I ever could have, and now you are so completely fucking gone. 2009

Mouth: Thank you for wrapping my fingers underneath the table with your artist hands when I cried for (a part) of me. 2008

Power: Yeah, so that’s a pretty awful experience. Yeah, but you know, I did it. 2008

The Wrong: True words between Harold and Maude. 2008

They’re All: I felt there was nothing out there. So I had to continue, because they were so bad not because I was so good. But they’re still very bad. 2008

Lock: Nodding and shaking love.

Boring: We can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell. Maybe I do want to go there. 2008

This Is Earth: After I taught the six a.m. yoga class I would go and make things different for me down by the water. 2008

Sill: When I do yoga I know that yesterday and tomorrow are not today. 2008

I Was Tight: A favourite yoga posture. 2008

Off: Do I have a body or am I a body? Either way get it off. 2008

Hi Lies: You make me want to live in the soft spot under yours shoulder. This is one thing you do to me. You do a lot for me (I don’t). 2007

Alter: I’ll believe it when I see it. 2007

P + A: Eating Lolita, 2007

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