Just For You And Then Me

Just For You And Then Me (2003-2016) are videos that I was paid or asked to do

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Click on the pictures/links to watch the videos!

Continuum with Kim Brodey. 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 5.06.07 PM






Healing with EMDR, personal stories for Vivian Kulaga, PhD. 2016







Lisa Messina at Shrifest. 2014






Lisa Messina’s All Strapped Up yoga workshop. 2014






Lisa Messina’s The Body is a Braid workshop. 2014






Peru Flow with Alexandra Collas. 2014






Tensegrity Touch Therapy with Diane Bruni and Soleil. 2014






80 Gladstone at the 2014 Yoga Show with Diane Bruni and Soleil. 2014






Ki Exercise for Bodywork and Life: Discussion and Demonstration with Leny Carbone at Living Earth School. 2013









KARATE: Karate Class with Leny Carbon at Living Earth School. 2012





kula in the park: A free yoga offering everything Thursday at 6pm at Dufferin Grove Park – look for the flags! 2011

kula annex: celebrating joy. 2011

Devon vs Ron: Famous supermatch between now world champion armwrestler Devon Larratt and Ron Bath at Mike Gould’s annual tournament. 2006 (watch part two HERE and part three HERE)

Global Food Fight, A Visual Proposal: A feature length documentary grant proposal about the future of food to the National Film Board. We were not successful! 2005 (watch part two HERE)

Iron Chef Starving Artist: A fundraiser for Modern Fuel Artist-Run Center. 2005

Epidemic Clothing: A promotional video for Epidemic Clothing. 2005

Kingston Organic Foodlink Project: Introduction to the Kingston Organic Foodlink Project bringing Kingston’s eaters and organic farmers together, hosted by The Sleepless Goat Cafe and Workers Co-operative. 2005

Robin Is Still On Fire: The second promotional video for the fire spinner and circus freak Robin. 2005

Robin On Fire: The first promotional video for fire spinner and circus freak Robin. 2004

BMEfest 2004: BME’s annual party (2004) – www.bme.com. 2004







Matthew Good: Documentary on Matthew Good done during my second year at Queen’s University when he performed at Frosh Week. 2003 (watch part two HERE and part three HERE)

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