Just For Me And Then You

Just For Me And Then You (2003-2007) are videos that I was not paid or asked to do

Click on the pictures to watch the videos!

A Way Of Being Only I Get: Editing a psychic reading to my Mother’s photographs of my childhood. 2007

Drive: A conversation in a car. 2007

Lapazer: And edited home video of a family trip to Mexico where my brother Shannon was living at the time. 2006

This Is Devon Larratt: A video portrait of my brother Devon. 2006

They’d Tell You Anyways: A short story I wrote narrated by Nicholas Bentley. 2005 (watch part two HERE)

Untitled Two: This is about love and rage and memories questioned. 2005

Sanctuary: I’m always with me. 2005 (watch part two HERE)

Paul Saulnier: A documentary about musician Paul Saulnier. (watch part two HERE)

What Would The Community Think You Are So Beautiful: Title from Cat Power, Music from Radiohead, starring painter Lindsey Fisher in an abandoned cabin on Wolf’s Island. 2004

Slide: An edited home video of my nephew Milo’s first tobogganing adventure. 2004

Sweep. Me. Up.: A stop motion animation about what’s really in those woods. 2004

Untitled One: A conversation between hands. 2004

Lover’s Spit: A “music video” slash road trip. I love this song when I don’t listen to it too much. 2003

Iswas: The first video I ever made staring my two big brothers. 2003

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