SHOW (2009) is a more than just one time show done how I wish all shows were

Click on the pictures to watch the videos!

Space: Like how Neruda writes “the world was made of air, which waited.” 2009

Play: The fine art of play. 2009

Holiday: Lets keep learning. 2009

Does It Seem Like I like It Or Like I Don’t Like it?: Me getting blood drawn by a nurse and a needle. 2009

Teacharm: A few beautiful young humans participating in an armwrestling tournament. 2009

Auden plus Greens+: Healthy healthy healthy family. 2009

Also, I Want That Dress: Really, I want that dress! 2009

Ha(bree): Capital Joy. 2009

Larratts By A Larratt: Habree Larratt chatting with Devon Larratt. 2009

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